Producers: Andy Starke, Kier La Janisse
Director: Ben Wheatley
Writers: Kier La Janisse, Sean Hogan

Based on film critic Kier-La Janisse’s acclaimed memoir of the same name, House of Psychotic Women is the dramatized tale of a 15 year old horror fan named CARLY who is abandoned to the child welfare system in 1980s Winnipeg after a violent incident.

The series follows CARLY as she is hurled through a broken system - from lock-ups to foster homes to the much-coveted ‘independent living program’ – attempting to find stability in the dysfunction, and forming ephemeral connections with the troubled youth whose journeys parallel her own. As CARLY is prodded to tell her story in obligatory counselling sessions, her memories are filtered through the terrible but strangely comforting imagery of horror cinema - offering warnings, and in some cases, reinforcements – metaphorically and stylistically - that will help her transcend her past.