Frozen Assets 

Fiction Feature - In Development
Director: Camille Griffin
Writer: Eugenia Caruso


Miracles, magic realism and financial crisis in a small Italian town – a black comedy.

In a sleepy Italian coastal town, live an elderly overbearing mother, Assunta, with her three daughters: Caterina, Nunzia and Teresa -  all past their prime, all with their own ways of coping.

Except for an uncommonly high death toll among the ageing and impoverished population, nothing much happens in the town: life revolves around Sunday mass, trips to the local shop and gossip. Struck down by her excessive love for cake and a mysterious official letter, Assunta suddenly passes away. In a panic, refusing to face the aftermath of her death, the three daughters decide to do what they can in order to keep Assunta’s pension coming. 

The superstitious villagers accuse the daughters of witchcraft and worse culminating in a shocking Taranta ritual - an ancient ceremony to cast out evil.

Developed with the support of Creative England