About Us 


After ten years in television post-production, and five years as part of psychedelic rock group “Regular Fries” Starke founded Boum Productions with film historian Pete Tombs. For Boum, Starke has written, produced, directed & edited numerous TV, film and documentary projects.  

Boum has received worldwide acclaim for its ground breaking Mondo Macabro DVD label, focusing on "the wild side of world cinema” and dedicated to preserving formally “lost” genre movies from countries not usually associated with “popular” cinema.

In 2008 Starke and director Ben Wheatley founded Rook Films – since then Rook has made 4 more films with Wheatley including Free Fire. Rook has also produced films by Peter Strickland, Steve Oram and Jim Hosking and has a slate of movies and television in production and development.