Dick & Stewart: I Spy with My Little Eye

Animated Short, UK, 12mins, 2017
: Richard Littler
Writer: Richard Littler
Animator: Richard Littler

Dick & Stewart is a 12 minute, single-narrator animation that tells the story of a boy called Dick and his best friend Stewart, whose eye is all that's left of him following a mysterious accident. 

Dick is asked by the totalitarian government to surveil his parents. When he refuses, he faces the unforgiving machinery of state control. Dick & Stewart find themselves on the run. Their only hope is to escape from their town, which is surrounded by a heavily guarded wall. 

Dick & Stewart is presented in the simple style of a 1970's children's daytime television programme such as Mr Benn, Bod or Ivor the Engine though the story is much more dystopian in nature.